Pandya Store ! written update (27th August 2023)

Pandya Store ! written update (27th August 2023)
Pandya Store ! written update (27th August 2023)

Pandya Store ! serial written update

In the episode of “Pandya Store” on 27th August 2023, Suman goes away with Natasha, Shesh, and Mithu. Dhawal says he won’t let Natasha go without consequences and wants to teach her a lesson.

Suman gives Dhawal a sneaky smile and tells him he’ll regret not marrying Natasha. She also says he’s blaming her for all the problems.

Suddenly, Amba comes and tells Suman that the Pandyas will have to face trouble because they spoiled the Makwana family’s reputation today.

Mithu wants to tell everyone something about a beer box. He switched it on the table and put it in Amresh’s car. But he’s scared of what might happen, so he stays quiet.

Suman ignores Amba and leaves. Dhawal is really upset about everything that happened to Amresh and cries.

The next day, Natasha wakes up with a plan to save Amresh from jail and make Dhawal believe she’s innocent.

Natasha dresses up like people from Rajasthan and pretends to be someone else as part of her plan.

What do you think Natasha’s plan is that she had to dress like someone from Rajasthan?

Will Natasha be able to help Amresh get out of jail and prove she’s innocent? This might make Dhawal feel bad.

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