Meet ! written update (27th August 2023)

Meet ! serial written update 27 August 2023

Meet ! written update (27th August 2023)
Meet ! written update (27th August 2023)

Catch Up on What Happened in the Meet Episode on August 27, 2023!

Let’s talk about the latest episode of Meet on August 27, 2023. The episode kicks off with Chanchal, who gets really worried. She sees a mirror near Shlok’s feet and is scared that Raunak might see Shlok’s reflection in it.

Chanchal acts quickly and goes to Shlok. Her plan is to distract Raunak, so she sneaks the mirror under the bed.

Shlok notices Chanchal moving the mirror and gives her a thankful look.

After that, Raunak plans a super romantic surprise for Sumeet. This makes Shlok a bit nervous about what Raunak’s up to.

But Shlok takes a deep breath and realizes this could be a chance to find out where Akki is.

Later on, Chanchal and Shlok manage to get Raunak to drink some alcohol. He gets pretty tipsy. While Raunak is in this relaxed state, Chanchal and Shlok ask him about Akki and where Shagun might have hidden him.

Will Chanchal and Shlok’s plan work? Can they find out from the tipsy Raunak where Akki is?

And is Raunak going to figure out that Shlok is actually pretending to be Sumeet? That would be like finding out a big secret!

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