anupama written update ! (4th September 2023) ! anupama serial updates |

anupama written update ! (4th September 2023) ! anupama serial updates |
anupama written update ! (4th September 2023) ! anupama serial updates |

anupama ! (4th September 2023) Written Episode serial Update: Pakhi finds money in Romil’s room

Vanraj told Kavya that he loves her a lot, even though she made mistakes, and he doesn’t want to go back to a difficult situation because of questions from others. He asked for some time. Kavya understood and admitted that she had pushed him. Vanraj apologized for giving her hope and then taking it away. Kavya asked if she should leave. Vanraj explained that he didn’t want to be alone, but he knew it might be hard for her to leave in this stressful situation.

Meanwhile, Romil asked if anyone doubted him, and Adhik said he was doubtful and suggested searching his room. Romil agreed to the search. Anupama suggested searching without accusing anyone.

Kavya wondered if she should call Anupama but worried about troubling her. She approached Babu ji and asked to talk for a moment, feeling guilty. Babu ji told her they shouldn’t discuss it but said she could stay if she wanted. Baa got angry and told Kavya to go to her room and not upset her more. Kavya cried and asked Kinjal to help her convince Baa to forgive her, as she felt rejected by everyone.

So, Kavya was feeling guilty and sad because everyone used to love her, but now nobody wanted to see her. She didn’t know what to do.

Everyone was searching for money. Ankush asked Barkha if she was really looking for the money. Barkha replied that she didn’t hide the money there, and no one had come there either. She also asked Ankush if he had spent the money. Ankush explained that he used his own money and received a good salary from Anuj, enough to cover his expenses. Barkha thought the money would turn up in the right place eventually.

Kinjal comforted Kavya, who was crying. Kavya felt like everything was slipping away from her. Kinjal told her that she was responsible for her current situation and compared her actions to what Toshu did to her father. She advised Kavya to apologize without expecting forgiveness and to consider any punishment she received as a consequence of her actions. Kavya agreed not to demand forgiveness but to always hope for it.

Adhik told Romil not to go to his room and said he would check it himself. Romil refused to let him search his room. Pakhi arrived, and Adhik asked if she could check Romil’s room. Romil, in turn, agreed to search Adhik’s room. However, Barkha got hurt while checking Romil’s room. Romil came out of Adhik’s room, and Adhik asked if they had found the money. Romil accused Adhik of being arrogant like a thief before getting caught.

Anupama tried to calm the situation down. Romil insisted he hadn’t stolen the money. Barkha accused him and insulted his upbringing. Ankush told Romil he should have asked him for money if he needed it. Romil still refused to apologize and claimed that Adhik had hidden the money in his room intentionally. Pakhi defended Adhik, saying he wouldn’t do such a thing. Romil believed that Adhik and his sisters were trying to trap him for a long time and framed him falsely to get rid of him.

He said that when he came to get his iPad, they seemed worried and started talking about him. He mentioned that they both seemed to be involved in some plan. Barkha told him to stop talking nonsense. He told Anupama that if he had taken the money, he wouldn’t have brought it here. Adhik said that he and his sister are not thieves. Anuj said that’s why no money was missing from his office when he was away.

Romil said that someone who mistreats his wife and commits fraud can do anything. Ankush mentioned that sometimes kids get tempted by money. Pakhi asked Romil not to accuse her husband. Romil denied stealing the money and blamed Ankush’s wife and sister-in-law.

Adhik asked Romil not to involve his sister. Romil accused them of being responsible for everything wrong in the house. Barkha told Ankush that Romil was calling his wife a thief, and Ankush mentioned that Romil’s wife had accused him of being a thief earlier.

They argued, and Anupama asked Anuj to intervene. Anuj had enough and gave them showpieces, telling them to hit each other or he would bring a gun. He asked them to confess who stole the money. Romil insisted he was innocent and said to send him to jail if they didn’t believe him. Anuj said it was too much now.

Romil said that going to jail would be better than staying in this house because those people wouldn’t be there. He mentioned that even though you know the truth about them, they’re still here, and people like them will haunt you even after death. Barkha asked him to be quiet. Romil asked why, just because their truth was coming out. Ankush shouted at Romil and slapped him.

He said he had thought of taking care of Romil, educating him, and being a responsible father, but today, he felt ashamed because of Romil. He asked Romil to tell the truth, and Romil insisted that he didn’t steal the money.

Anupama asked Ankush to put an end to the matter. Barkha apologized to Anuj, saying that if Adhik had done this, he would have called the police and got him punished. Adhik said to let it go. Anupama asked what they wanted and offered to call the police to take fingerprints. Adhik said he didn’t want to tarnish the family’s name. Barkha appreciated his understanding and suggested ending the matter there. Anuj warned them that they had tested his patience enough and said that if they did anything again, it would be too much.

Next, Anupama told Adhik that his misbehavior and conspiracies might be hidden from their daughter’s view but not from a mother’s perspective. Pakhi defended Adhik and told Anupama that it was enough. Anupama responded by saying that it was enough of Pakhi speaking in the wrong place and staying silent when it mattered.

Pakhi told Anupama to be happy that they were together and happy, and asked her to stop interfering in her married life. She warned that if Anupama didn’t stop meddling, she would do something that would leave her with nothing but regret

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