anupama written update ! (5th September 2023) ! anupama serial updates |

anupama written update ! (5th September 2023) ! anupama serial updates |
anupama ! (5th September 2023) Written Episode serial Update: Anupama warns to Adhik

anupama ! (5th September 2023) Written Episode serial Update: Anupama warns to Adhik

Everybody leaves the room. Adhik tells Romil that he’s lucky this time because he didn’t have to go to jail. But he warns Romil that he might end up in jail next time. Romil feels sad and disrespected. Pakhi leaves too. Romil sits on the couch and remembers what Ankush told him – to admit if he made a mistake and apologize. He also remembers that Ankush slapped him, making his face hurt. Romil insists that he didn’t steal anything and is not a thief.

Anupama enters the room and puts her hand on Romil’s shoulder. She tells him that she knows he’s not a thief. She places a warm bag on his cheek where Ankush slapped him. Romil is surprised and asks her how she knew.

Anupama mentions a lie detector machine but says that a mother is the best lie detector. She explains that she’s raised three children before him, Toshu, Samar, and Sweety, and she always knew who broke things or took Sweety’s ice cream when they were young. She says she can still tell when someone is telling the truth, whether it’s a big or small matter.

Romil then asks if she knows who the real thief is. Anupama replies that she can’t accuse anyone without proof. She advises Romil to go to his room, have some water, and pray to Kanha ji. She promises to figure out what to do. Romil is moved by her trust in him and says that no one has ever trusted him this much before.

“Anupama remembers Adhik telling Barkha not to call the police to protect the family’s reputation. Adhik joins her in the kitchen, and Anupama offers him sweets because he proved Romil as the thief in front of everyone. Adhik asks, ‘Why would I do that?’ Anupama tells him that the staff informed her about everything.

Adhik wonders how Anupama knew there was no one at home when he took the money. Anupama points out that his sister (Didi) didn’t mention that the money was found in the cupboard, and Pakhi didn’t reveal where the money was discovered. She explains that there’s a difference between being clever and pretending to be clever. She tells Adhik that he couldn’t hide his cleverness, misbehavior, and lies from her, even if he could from his daughter.

Pakhi enters the conversation and says that’s enough. Anupama responds, ‘It’s enough for you to speak out of turn and stay silent when you should speak up.'”

“She says his lies and betrayal are enough. Pakhi tells her that her interference in her married life is too much. She wants her mother to be happy seeing them happy and together and asks why Anupama wants to separate them, and why she is after her husband. She questions if Nani interfered between her and Papa or Buddy and her.

She warns that if Anupama doesn’t stop meddling in her married life, she’ll do something that will make Anupama regret it. Anupama asks if she’s gone mad. Pakhi replies that if Anupama keeps pushing her, she’ll do something drastic, and she means it. She leaves.

Adhik calls Anupama and suggests they should end this matter here because he’s afraid of Pakhi’s anger. Anupama tells him not to act or be afraid of a mother’s real fear. She asserts that whatever Pakhi does, she won’t let her harm herself and says she’s not Sweety but her mother. Anupama tells him that she’s aware of everything he’s done with Romil and the company

She warns him and reminds him that she’s Sweety’s mother. She says that he and his sister are used to playing games, but when she starts playing, she’ll turn the tables, and he might not even get a chance to pack his bags. She declares that the game is on.”

“Baa tells Kinjal to wake up early for Raksha Bandhan and asks Toshu to get some things. Toshu agrees and asks if Pakhi is coming here. Baa says Pakhi will come if she calls her. Dimpy says she’ll tie a rakhi to Adhik here. Vanraj says Adhik won’t come here and questions if they scolded or talked to him when he raised his hand against Pakhi.

He suggests that if they can’t talk to him, then he’s not really their brother, and Kinjal should go tie a rakhi to him. Kinjal says she’ll make sweets. Kavya asks if she should make a carrot cake since Pakhi likes it. Baa says Kinjal and she will make it, and if they can’t, they’ll order it from outside. She calls Dimpy by the wrong name, and Dimpy argues.

Baa threatens to slap her, and Babu ji intervenes, telling them to stop. Dimpy leaves, and Babu ji suggests Baa call Bhavesh and Kanta behen. Baa explains they’re out of town, and Meenu and Dolly will go to Sanjay’s house. Kinjal mentions that Mummy, Anuj, and little Anu will come. Baa decides to call Anuj.”

“Anupama goes into the room and sees Anuj sleeping on the sofa with his files. She puts his files aside. Anuj wakes up and apologizes for falling asleep. He pulls her closer and speaks lovingly. Anuj explains that he was looking at the file and dozed off. He shares that he was thinking about something and Anupama asks if it’s about Romil.

Anuj thinks for a moment and replies that they are just kids, they may act out, but as elders, they need to guide them and can’t abandon them. He decides he wants to transfer Romil to a good hostel. Anupama respects his decision but tells him something important – Romil didn’t steal the money; Adhik placed it in his room to frame him. Anuj is shocked.

Meanwhile, Adhik reflects on how cleverly Anupama got him to confess. Barkha asks him what’s bothering him, and Anuj reveals that Adhik falsely accused Romil. Anupama adds that someone who can raise their hand against their spouse is capable of anything. Anuj points out that Bhabhi must have known about it, and Anupama confirms it since she backed down when she mentioned calling the police.

Anupama expresses her pain, and Anuj mentions how family members can hurt and betray each other. Barkha worries that Anupama might kick them out, but Adhik feels he has control over her and can use her to take over the Kapadia empire.

Anuj notes that they are not willing to listen and are becoming more stubborn, especially Adhik. Anupama says they are clever, and Anuj believes that until they have evidence, Pakhi won’t believe that Adhik is behind this. Anupama adds that until Adhik is exposed, he will use Pakhi as his shield. Adhik mentions that Pakhi is under his control, and he plans to remove Romil and Pakhi from their lives, considering it a gift for them.

In a preview, Anupama questions Adhik about Pakhi’s whereabouts. Adhik accuses Anupama in front of the Shah family, claiming that she forced Pakhi to leave the house. Anupama defends her actions, and Adhik warns her to stay in her limits. Anupama expresses her concern that Pakhi might do something, but Adhik disagrees.”

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