Anupama WrittenUpdate (February 21, 2024) |Aadhya is devastated as Shruti decides to leave

Anupama Written Update :On the 21st of February 2024, in the TV show, Anuj talks to Shruti about staying friends, like they used to be. Shruti says she can’t just be friends because of the emotions involved. Aadhya arrives and asks what’s going on. Shruti says she’s leaving the house.

Anupama WrittenUpdate (February 21, 2024) |Aadhya is devastated as Shruti decides to leave
Anupama WrittenUpdate (February 21, 2024) |Aadhya is devastated as Shruti decides to leave

Aadhya wonders if it’s because of Anupama. She expresses that Anupama is like a mother to her and pleads with Shruti not to leave. Anuj and Aadhya both try to convince Shruti to stay, but she insists on leaving, feeling unsupported. As she prepares to leave, she sees a photo of Anupama, Anuj, and Choti, making her reconsider her decision. Anupama, elsewhere, feels uneasy. Shruti decides she can’t go and discovers a photo of Anupama, Anuj, and Choti hidden under another frame.

Anuj tells Aadhya and Anuj that he tried to convince Shruti, but she didn’t listen. Aadhya suggests that heroines don’t leave permanently. Shruti responds that she’ll return, but she was never Anuj’s heroine. She says goodbye and leaves, making Aadhya hug Anuj in sadness. Anupama becomes restless.

Anuj asks Aadhya to come with him. Aadhya feels guilty for coming between them. Anuj reassures her, explaining that he told Shruti about his feelings for Anupama. Aadhya blames him for breaking her promise and insists they need Shruti back in their lives. She expresses her determination to bring Shruti back and smashes things in the room.

Dimpy thinks about Titu, and Vanraj senses something is amiss. Titu and Dimpy exchange messages, and Titu decides not to let her back off. Dimpy cleans the house, earning a disapproving look from Pakhi. Aadhya cries in her room, expressing her desire for Shruti.

Vanraj calls everyone and shares his plan to go to America. Anupama, at Kinjal’s house, learns that Anuj has offered a job to Toshu, leaving her shocked.

Precap: Anuj comes to the room and finds Aadhya missing. He informs Anupama. Vanraj asks babu ji to come to America with him. Aadhya is sitting on the bench when a goon attacks her. Aadhya shouts Mummy. Anupama comes there and beats the guy asking how dare he to come near her daughter. Aadhya hugs her crying.

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