Anupama 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update
Anupama 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update

Shruti is thinking about Anuj’s words that nothing bad will happen to Anu. Aadhya asks Shruti if she felt upset. Shruti says it felt strange, not bad, as many years of their relationship can’t be forgotten. Aadhya believes Anupama doesn’t love Anuj as much as he loves her. Shruti mentions that love can’t be measured, but one person usually loves more. Aadhya shares her feelings of being adopted by Anupama but feeling neglected. Shruti comforts her and promises never to leave them.

Kinjal gives a presentation and hopes for an investor. Toshu, however, is not helping and creates a mess. Kinjal confronts him about not contributing, and Toshu refuses, causing a disagreement. Baa has a headache, and Mahi offers to massage her head. Baa appreciates Mahi’s care and asks about Pakhi’s words. Mahi avoids the topic, and Baa asks her to call Pakhi for a massage. Kavya thinks Mahi will win everyone’s heart.

Toshu confronts Kinjal for meeting Pakhi against his wishes. Kinjal defends Pakhi, saying she supported her during tough times. Toshu warns Kinjal and Angie not to meet Pakhi. Pakhi asks Toshu to stay and be the brand ambassador for her online store, and he reluctantly agrees.

Anupama wakes up in Beeji’s house after the fire incident. Beeji assures her safety and says KD saved her belongings. Anupama worries about her kids’ memories in the stuff. Yashdeep updates Anupama about the fire incident, and she decides to participate in an event. Anuj learns about Spice and Chutney participating in the event and expresses his intention to meet Anupama.

Titu is leaving, and Vanraj asks him not to return. Anupama is emotional about her situation and kisses her children’s photo. The precap hints at Anuj and Shruti learning about the restaurant fire, and Anuj expressing his desire to meet Anupama.

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